10 Striking Photos of NGSA Geologists & Drillers in Training

In order to maximize mandate success and in line with its policy of Continuous Professional Development of staff, the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) has trained its geologists and drillers on how to operate a Levent RX-5 drilling rig recently acquired by the agency. Trainees also had theoretical and practical sessions on drilling in basement terrain.

The three-day training program had as resource persons, professionals who are reputed to have over four decades of experience in the industry.

The NGSA is statutorily responsible for generating geosciences information. This it does through extensive geological surveys and mineral explorations across the country.

Trainees watch as the Resource Person, Engr Ben Nwude raise the derrick of the drilling rig.
Resource person explaining various parts of the drilling rig to the trainees.
Trainees watch as the Resource Person points to the hydraulic motor on top of the drill head.
The Resource Persons explaining how the engine of the drilling rig works.
Trainees and Resource Persons pose by the drilling rig
Trainees watch the derrick being raised.
Theoretical training session
Resource Person explaining various sizes of core barrels and casings and their usage
Resource person explaining how cores are logged.
A pre-practical session.

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