2023: Bala Mohammed lobbies ex-ministers, NWC, BoT for PDP presidential ticket

Bauchi State governor and frontline presidential aspirant in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bala Mohammed, has met with former PDP ministers, National Working Committee, NWC and Board of Trustees members of the party to lobby for their support in his quest to pick the party’s presidential ticket.

Mohammed, in the meeting with the former ministers on Tuesday at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja, said his quest to be president was driven by the need to rescue the country.

He stated that the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government has destroyed the country, saying there was need to pull Nigeria back from the brink.

According to him, “the nation is no longer there as we left it. The nation is in pieces. They have destroyed everything.

“First we must understand the country. Where are we and how have we come here? Why is the country so divided? Why is insecurity everywhere? What is the fate of the elites in this country for which we are members?

“We know we cannot continue the blame game. We cannot continue to talk about sections or zones. We must talk about leadership, closing ranks, coming together to rescue the country. There is poverty everywhere. There is insecurity everywhere.

“Even the human capital to manage the country is no longer nepotism has taken over everything.”

The Bauchi governor promised to run a knowledge driven government, if he is elected president and to put in place in robust plan that will address the challenges of the country.

Also at the meeting with the NWC, the governor praised the Ayu team for bringing unity to the party since assumption of office.

He said, “Your ascension to this position is a source of pride not only to PDP, but to Nigeria. Because you all really deserve this position that you are occupying. You have brought unity and hope at the end of the tunnel. Because of your leadership, whatever you do, as leaders of the mega party, even the ruling party is copying us. And they cannot continue to copy indefinitely. You have the pedigree and antecedent to do what is required of you to take us to success.”

On his aspiration, the governor said, “With all humility, I may not be the best. I don’t claim to be the best. The best to lead this country may be amongst you. The best of this country may be among the crowd here or outside. I’m telling you I’m here to present myself as a servant.

As somebody who traverse all the constituencies of the public service, the civil service, the National Assembly. And indeed, the media, with all these experiences we have built bridges. I’m a team player. I can only lead and Nigeria needs leadership. Leadership recruitment that will be incentivized by you on the basis of transparency, fairness and justice to be able to bring hope to every Nigerian. To get the best hands on deck. I will not bamboozle you with statistics to where we are or how we came here. It is not to everybody. Some of the statistics are even plausible. They are not tangible. You cannot touch them. They have defied all permutations or explanations. Our economy is in shambles. We don’t have security. We don’t have a government. Not one person will do it. My experience alone is not enough. But I want to tell you we have antecedents and pedigree behind us. I am a nationalist I believe in Nigeria.”

While addressing the BoT, Wednesday, Governor Mohammed said he is ready to use his position to be a unifier, to be a servant and respect the supremacy of the party and to give PDP dignity and respect.

“To be able to discharge its onerous responsibility of bringing the best out of the 17 aspirants. I believe I’m one of the best. But if I’m not found to be the best, I’m ready to work with anybody that you will bring out. That should be understood. I will not call anybody names, I will not underestimate or undermine anybody. I will not demean and diminish anybody. Every Nigerian is important. The gender issues are germain, the youth issues are germaine. We cannot ignore the aspirations of the young Nigerians who may be better positioned to turn around this country.

“At the same time, we cannot discard our old ones. We need experience. We must have a midcross approach to everything. The country needs rescue. APC has failed in all this ramifications.”

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