2023 : Politically kogi Central Is Backward, Needs Political Change – Group

In an effort to change the political narrative of kogi central senate in 2023 a concern group has called for immediate action to set atune the right political moves . The group made this known on Wednesday in kogi state .

As the APC concluded the submission of aspirants’ form for the Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives yesterday, a civil society organization, Political Awareness Forum, PAF, an independent group of political elites from Kogi Central, Kogi State, has declared that the zone need a political change if positive growth and development are to occur in the area.

The group claimed that the last seven horrifying years of the current administration did not only set the zone backwards politically, it has impoverished the people to the point of making public servants beggars in their states and over their rights.

Rising from an emergency meeting of the group, held at Ogaminana LGA School yesterday, the spoke person of the group, Mall. Jatto Onimisi said that Kogi Central need urgent political change to enhance development in Kogi Central. “We are tired of recycling same people that have pit us in the current political, social and economic mess, to continue as leaders while the true, patriotic and committed people are left behind”.

In particular, they identified local government administration as one the worst in 20 years, with no infrastructural development, percentage salary payments and massive sacking of employees. This they added has made the labour union in the state perpetual at the mercy of the government.

“So the question we are asking….” Mr. Jatto continue is “…since they failed as commissioners, advisers, heads of agencies and Political representatives, what guarantee do the people have they will change or correct the problems of the past?”

With a promise to mobilize the people to vote out these elements, the group undertake to engage in massive advocacy to enlighten the people in the importance of electing leaders with good track record of community and people-oriented development. Further they insist that it is not a right that only those in current political positions should be the same people to represents us because they have all failed.

They therefore call on the people of Kogi Central to be alert and alive to their civic responsibilities by voting credible people with no track record of corruption and mismanagement of public resources as recorded in the recent past.

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