ASAF Stand In Solidarity With Governor Hope Uzodinma And The Good People Of Imo State.

The APC States Assembly Forum (ASAF) in a recent consultative meeting in Abuja, declared its profound support and solidarity with His Excellency Chief Hope Uzodinma, the Executive Governor of Imo State at these trying times depicted by widespread insecurity across the country; particularly the series of premeditated and well-orchestrated attacks on his residence, police formations, army check points, INEC facilities, prisons etc in Imo State. Leading to huge carnage, destruction, fear, chaos, and unnecessary loss of lives and properties.

We wish His Excellency to know that he is not alone and will not be left alone in the face of
danger arising from a clear pattern of violent onslaught, politically motivated to tarnish the
image of the working governor and present him in bad light before Imolites, Nigerians and the world at large.

We state without equivocation that Chief Hope Uzodinma is not and cannot be the only governor, or indeed the only political office holder whose emergence was a result of a conclusive judicial decision from a competent court of law in Nigeria; that should now result in the indefensible acts of violence and lawlessness being unleashed on the society by those who feel or anticipate a feeling of loss. Our great party, the All Progressives Congress lost Bayelsa, Zamfara, Rivers states and others to conclusive court judgments of the Supreme court of
Nigeria, but did not resort to self help no matter how painful the losses were. The APC instead
embarked on soul searching, self-reassessment and has since moved on to win several other
elections. This spirit of ‘win some- lose some’ the party has so well demonstrated should be emulated by all political actors.
Democracy is generally typified by the rule of law and periodic elections. What favours you now may not favour you tomorrow and vice versa. Elections should not be war; we can continue to
improve our laws until we get it right. Democracy is the reason progressives fought the military
(both colonial and indigenous) to a standstill, we cannot now begin to toy with the impossible
idea of a mob rule.
The world has far advanced beyond these archaic thoughts being promoted by anarchists, separatist groups, bad election losers, criminals of all hue and unpatriotic
elements within and without.

We are using this medium to call on all well-meaning Nigerians and indeed the global populace
to join in condemning violence in every form as a means of conflict resolution, and to embrace
peace and harmony as a global standard for societal growth and development, leading to human prosperity.
Any individual, group, or a combination of both that is bound together by profession, ethnicity,
geography, religion, fancy, class, or gender can now utilize the opportunity presented by the
ongoing comprehensive constitutional review process being conducted by the National
Assembly; to forward their grievances and workable solutions in the form of a memorandum(a),
which will be distilled and passed into a more inclusive and citizen focused constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our teeming membership are already fully mobilized to grant the
necessary two third concurrence from the 36 state assemblies when the process gets to that stage. This no doubt is the only civilized way towards jointly resolving our long-standing
national questions on unity, cohesion, inclusive growth, and sustainable development.

We commend His Excellency the Governor of Imo state for his courage, equanimity, and remarkable self-control in the face of unwarranted provocation and misguided behaviours.

We encourage him to remain steadfast, forward looking and ensure to reach out to all stakeholders
within and outside Imo state towards a total cessation of violence and full restoration of peace
and normalcy in the ‘Eastern Heart Land’.


Amb. Fubara Dagogo
Director General
APC States Assembly Forum ASAF

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