Bamise: Witness Tells Court How BRT Driver Raped Her

Miss Nneka Maryjane Odezulu, a prosecution witness in the ongoing rape and murder trial of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) driver, Andrew Ominnikoron, on Monday told a Lagos High Court sitting at Tafawa Balewa TBS how the defendant raped her from behind.

Odezulu the first prosecution witness, who was testifying before Justice Sherifat Sonaike, said the defendant raped her after tearing her clothes.

She narrated that the defendant ordered her to remove her clothes and told her that she was not a baby.

While being led in evidence by the Lagos State, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Moyosore Onigbanjo SAN, the witness said before the defendant raped her, he slapped her and held her neck and she couldn’t breath and he tried to strangle her and then tore her clothes.

The witness, 29, a sales representative and a mother, said that on November 25,2021, after she closed from her place of work, around 8pm, she stood at Alesh Hotel Bus Stop where she saw the BRT bus parked.

She further told the court how she approached the driver (the defendant) and asked him if he was going to get to her bus stop Jakande bus stop, and he said ‘yes’ so she asked how much the fare was and he said N100, so she boarded the bus and sat at the back.

The witness said that a man approached the defendant and asked him if he was going to Oshodi and he said yes then they started arguing about the price but later he didn’t enter the bus.

Odezulu said, “When I entered the BRT, the lights were on, but on getting to Lekki Conservation, Lekki – Ajah expressway, he stopped the bus and brought out one medicine. He took the medicine with one bottle of water, so I did not bother myself because I thought it was a medication.

“After that he asked me to come to the front seat, then I stood up and went to sit at the front.

Then he started asking me questions about my name, how old I am, who I lived with, and in the process of asking me questions, he brought out his phone and talked about two transactions.

“So he concluded and said back to our discussion, and said let’s go and park somewhere and discuss. I said sir, I am coming back from work and I am tired and I need to go and pick my daughter from after school care; that was when I noticed that his manhood was up.

“Then I brought out my big phone, I wanted to call somebody and record what was happening, he was like what I’m doing, who do I want to call with my phone, he got up from the driver’s seat and collected my phone from me.

“He held on to a small knife and dragged me to the back and said I should pull off my clothes, I was like why would I pull off my clothes, do I know you before? “We started dragging and he said I should remove everything because I was not a baby.

He slapped me and held my neck and wanted to strangle me, I couldn’t breathe again, then his face changed and he said that if he killed me now, nothing would happen and nobody would know where I was and that I should respect myself. “He pushed me down at the back seat, I held the seats and was begging him, he held the knife, tore my clothes and raped me from the back.”

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