How my daughter celebrated birthday in bandits’ captivity, parent of released Bethel Baptist student recounts

Following the release of 28 students of Bethel Baptist High School Kaduna on Sunday, parents of the children have been recounting their ordeal while their children were in bandits’ captivity.
One of the parents, Malam Danboyi Begs, said her daughter Louis was kidnapped the day she was to start her NECO examinations, adding that she celebrated her 16th birthday in the forest.

“My daughter was kidnapped the day she was to start her Neco examination, she celebrated her 16th birthday on July 23 in the bush with kidnappers.
“When they were abducted several thought went through my mind because thousands have gone and they killed them in the bush, i was just living by the grace of God. One that usually keep me awake in the night is whenever I think of where she is, which bush is she being kept now I won’t be able to sleep. But glory to God she is back,” he said.

Also speaking, Hosea Garba Maisamari, said, “it has not been easy since we received the report, even for a day. The issue of ransom it is only the school management that can answer that but for us God has done it. He would continue his education in the school because this thing (kidnapping) happen everywhere even in the house. Government should take precaution and address the issue.”
Malam Danladi Badi is a very happy man on Sunday after receiving his daughter Ruth who was released from bandits captivity.

“I want to thank God because the only word on my lips now is gratitude to God who did it. Ruth was born April 8 2009 she is in JSS3. We are praying to God to grant us the release of the remaining students,” he said.

Mr Ndas Hassan Adamu was unperturbed as his son Destiny was kidnapped 20 days ago as he believed he is not destined to be killed and will lived up to his destiny.
He said, “I’m feeling very happy, feeling like a complete father after receiving my son. He is 10 years old, while he was away, I always pray to God to because I believe he would live up to his name.
“I don’t know the process of their release maybe ransom was paid or not but I believe God did His wonders. The God that has started the work will complete it to ensure the release of the remaining students. Our prayer would continue without ceasing, He owned all of us including the kidnappers.”

Mr Jacob James felt government should have come to their aid to rescue their children.
“I feel very bad that they were in captivity for that long without government doing anything about it. If one American was kidnapped in Niger Republic and America came all the way to seek his release, Nigerian government should do more. I had to leave my school in Jos because things are not the same. So far my child Goodness, was released, others would be released,” he said.

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