Emmanuel Macron re-elected French president, says I’m for all

French President Emmanuel Macron has won a re-election for another five -year term.

He defeated his far right opponent Marine Le Pen by a 16 per cent difference.

In his acceptance speech, Macron not only thanked his supporters but also promised to work for a more just society adding that he is now a president for all.

“I will work for a more just society and equality between men and women​,” Macron said.

“We need to show respect because our country is so divided… no one will be left by the wayside,” he added.

On voters who voted not for him but against the far right he said he was under an obligation for the years to come.

The president also said “this new era will not continue the methods of the past five years”.

“The Ukraine war shows we are living through tragic times.” and adds that France must build its forces.

He concluded his speech by saying he “is proud to serve the French people again”.

His speech is followed by a rendition of the Marseillaise, the French national anthem.

Macron thanked all those who voted for him, and said he is conscious that many voted for him to block the far right.

He said he is thinking of who those who abstained and also those who voted for Le Pen who are today disappointed, he says, to boos from his supporters.

He urged those in the crowd not to boo them.

“From now on, I’m no longer the candidate of one camp, but the president of all.”

“I tell those who voted for the far right that my responsibility and that of my team will be to address their concerns,” he stated.

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