Fuel Scarcity: Uber, Bolt hike ride fares by over 100%

Two of the biggest ride-hailing cars Uber and Bolt have increased the cost of rides within Lagos and other major cities in the country by over 100%. Most working-class Nigerians who do not have cars rely heavily on these companies for their daily commuting.

This is according to information gathered from riders and drivers of both ride-hailing firms in Lagos and Abuja. Drivers inform the Truth that the reason for the increase in price is due to fuel scarcity that has hit major cities across the country.

The drivers opine that the fuel scarcity means fewer cars are available for riders to pick making thus creating a surge in price that is more than double the typical ride. For example, a ride from Lekki to Ikorodu road that was typically between N2,500 and N3,000 jumped to as high as N6,000 on Sunday.

Our correspondent is yet to confirm from the ride-hailing companies if fuel scarcity is the basis for the increase in fares.

Thousands of commuters rely heavily on ride-hailing cars and bikes to move around across cities in the country. Thus, the increase in ride fares will surely hit their disposable income further denting their purchasing power

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