Guterres Visit : Terrorism a global threat – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that
Terrorism a global threat, he made this known while receiving his august visitor, President Buhari told the United Nations scribe that terrorism remains a threat to global peace, security and progress, with many already killed, while millions displaced by the insurgents over many years.

The president said Nigeria and the African continent were already concerned that the attention on Russia and Ukraine would crowd out other issues, but the ongoing visit of the UN scribe clearly showed that “The world has not forgotten us.”

He said the focus on Russia and Ukraine could easily distract from other pertinent global challenges.

“When we assumed office, the North East was the major security problem we inherited in 2015, but we have been able to make people understand that you cannot kill people and shout ‘Allahu Akbar,’ (God is great!).

“It is either you don’t know what you are saying or you are simply stupid. God is a God of justice, so you cannot kill people and say God is great. Luckily, the people understood our message and it has made a great impact,” he said.

President Buhari, however, said Nigeria remains grateful to the United Nations and some world leaders for their steadfast partnership in fighting terrorism.

He told Guterres that the government had started a gradual but steady process of resettlement and reintegration where citizens get encouraged to return to their farms, businesses and other pursuits in life.

The president thanked the secretary general for the maiden visit to Nigeria.

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