How Hon Chika Okoroike set standard for selfless service, community development in Isiala Mbano

Hon Chika Okoroike, Chairman, IMC, Isiala Mbano LGA, Imo State.

There is so much to show for the 2021 Man of the Year Award bestowed on Hon Chika Okoroike, Chairman, Interim Management Committee, Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.

In Nigeria, citizen advocacy for growth and community development has become a way of life while the changes they seek are hardly attended to. It is not a matter of being rich or being in power, but it is about the empathy of the leader and his ability to exercise the political will needed to put an end to the sufferings of the downtrodden.

A widow’s shelter before the intervention of Hon Chika Okoroike

There are many lessons to learn from the activities of Hon Chika Okoroike. One of them is that the ability to change society is inherent in any man whom God has blessed, and that a man can actually be a blessing to his generation in many ways.

To set the record straight, Isiala Mbano LGA has become very fortunate in the leadership of Hon Chika Okoroike. A community is considered fortunate when God bestows on them, an illustrious son who understands the challenges of his people, and who moves in many ways to bring succor to his people.

He has made significant contributions to the quest for better life by addressing poor infrastructure and social situations of communities in order to harvest comfort for the communities.

For Hon Chika Okoroike, the ovation has become very loud as he ensures that his concern goes beyond his own immediate enclave to include other groups and clans across the communities.

As an active community member, I am moved to commendation for Hon Chika Okoroike for his ability to show compassion and make efforts to solve the problems of individuals and communities.

New home for a widow

I am moved by the understanding that the presence of ability may not make a man solve problems, rater, it is love and empathy for community. His ability to consistently selfless support stands him out as a man after Gods own heart.

In being Christlike as God commands mankind, Hon Chika OkoroIke has embraced humility by his commitment to serving the downtrodden, a phenomenon that reflects the humbling nature of Christ who was born in a manger to reflect the humbleness of His origin.

As a way of keying into the resounding political ideology of the President Muhammadu Buhari, which has been strengthened by His Excellency, Distinguished Sen Hope Uzodinma, the Executive Governor of Imo State, Hon Chika Okoroike’s empowerment schemes have changed the narrative of the communities to the extent that it has been mistaken for ambition. The resonant success of Hon Okoroike’s empowerment programmes has forced his rivals to resort to mudslinging.

Hon Chika Okoroike receiving the Man of Year 2021 award  

I must commend Mezie Imo Clergy, an association of ordained priests who bestowed on Hon Okoroike the status of the Best Interim Management Committee Chairman in Imo State for putting a befitting roof over the head of Mrs Emilia Obilor, a widow. Okoroike’s demonstration of empathy is an example that that defines his well-intended commitment to the wellbeing of the downtrodden in Imo State.

Hon Okoroike who is also an evangelist, continues to exhibit virtues of a man with the fear of God. It is pertinent to note that the distribution of his social services is without borders.

His most ambitious road rehabilitation efforts was along Anara/Umuahia, in Osu land before it was taken over by the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA). He repeated the great feat in Mbama, precisely at Amaraku to douse clannish bigots.

His love for youth and sports development did not only lure the former Super Eagles player, Kanu Nwankwo, to a talent hunt in Isiala Mbano LGA, but also attracted a handsomely sponsored zonal football tournament to Imo North. I wish to thank Dr Princess Akobundu (CEO, NEPAD Nigeria) for giving the financial enablement that made the sporting activity a success.

While I have no doubt that Hon Chika Okoroike will continue to serve as the connect between the grassroots and government, I must encourage him not to relent in injecting empowerment programs into the society especially his monthly financial support to widows, which he preferers unannounced.

I wish to specially commend his very supportive and amiable wife, Dr Uchenna Okoroike who have him great support to succeed in the ministry of giving. There is no doubt that he couldn’t have been so successful without the support of his dear wife. She has come to be popularly regarded as the signature of humanitarianism.

With a retinue of more than sixty aides, Hon Chika Okoroike ranks as a champion in human capital development. It is for this reason that women and youths label him “Oguguo Akwa Oha,” he is undoubtedly the handkerchief that wipes tears.

In all these giant strides, he has been unassuming and eager to do more. When many are clamoring for his position, he looks up to God for inspiration.

He is the man chosen among men with the magic wand to positively turn things around. There is no doubt that if he is made a full time Chairman, he will be able to do much more than he is currently doing as Interim Chairman.

Hon Julius Enemaku (aka Julius Prudence) is a minority rights activist and writes from Osuachara Ward in Isiala Mbano LGA.

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