Kogi State Government set to recruit more teachers

A meeting was held on 4th February, 2022 in Government Day Secondary School, Iruvucheba Okene with the Kogi State Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Mr Wemi Jones. It was an enlargement of Educational Task Force with different stakeholders across Kogi Central under the leadership of Mr. Wemi Jones, Kogi state commissions for education, science and technology to discuss problems of education in our land.

The body identified different mitigating factors against the progress of education in our land; it listed problems such as drop out of school children, Lateness to school, drug abuse, cultism, bullying, parent attitude, family instability e.t c. They said the cause of the aforementioned problem above resulted in the poor performance of education in our land.
In furtherance, it pointed out that lack of teachers is central to all this problems.

It was a colorful event attended by high caliber of educationists drawn across the spectrum of education.

The Coordinator of the Education Task Force, Muhammed I. Yusuf, and the Okene Community Development Association Chairman, Alh. Hussein Ozigi, took their turns to highlighted the bad developments in our school such as lateness to school, drug abuse, hooliganism, destruction of school property, etc. They pointed out that the problems are as a result of lack of proper provisions for education delivery in the school which led the devil taking over.

In his speech, the representative of PTA in the person of Alh. Dr Sab Babamba lamented on this bad behaviors and called on the government to declare state of emergency in Education in Kogi state. Continued, he emphasized that the maximum level of junior staff in schools in Ebiraland is GL13 , with vacuums being created as result of retirement and death without replacements.

In response, the commissioner of education, science and technology, Mr. Wemi Jones appreciated and commended the efforts of the Task Force for partnering with the ministry in delivering quality education in the state. According to him, the group is on the verge of filling the gap of providing private/government partnership in lifting education to high standard in our land. He said government alone cannot make education better in anyplace. He advise the people to join hand with government.

He reeled out the efforts of His Excellency, Alh Yahaya Bello government towards making education standard in Kogi state. According to him, the ministry is making provision for recruitment of four thousand teachers.

The commissioner frown on the land encroachment in school especially in Ebiraland. He directed the Task Force, stakeholders and the community clan leaders to put end to it.

The honorable delightfully remarked that the government is waging war on education through measures that will bring discipline for standard. He pointed out that the government has directed punishment for student out of school during classes.

He use the occasion to advise parents to register their wards in nearby government school to create watchfulness.

Dr. Elizabeth Animoku, Director, PRS from the Ministry of Education, also commended the determination and efforts of the Task Force and said the Ministry is ready to work with the group. She reiterated the Commissioner’s readiness to walk the talk.

Comrade Abduljelil Adabara El-Okene, Secretary General, Educational Task Force,

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