Lalong Cannot Anoint Successor, Says Plateau ADC Chairman

The Chairman of the Africa Democratic Congress (ADC), Mohammed Musa Sabiu, has said that Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State lacks the moral right and capacity to ‘anoint’ a candidate of his choice to succeed him in office.

Sabiu said Lalong had lost the right to install a successor because he himself had disappointed the people of Plateau State and even betrayed the trust and confidence they repose in him.

Sabiu, who was the candidate of the ADC in the same 2015 governorship election in which Lalong emerged as governor of Plateau State, noted that after seven years in office, the latter had nothing to show in terms of projects or people-centred programmes that would have impacted meaningfully on the lives of the people.

“Look at all the angles as you are coming into Plateau State. Look at Jos, the state capital, for example. Is there anything here to show that somebody has been in power for seven years? There are no roads, nothing. As far as I am concerned, Lalong still has a lot to do, but it is too late,” he said.

Sabiu also noted that a similar thing has happened at the national level, stressing that even Buhari failed woefully in terms of meeting or fulfilling the promises he made to millions of Nigerians. The APC, he said made very beautiful promises in the beginning that gave the people the wrong impression that they were on the way to paradise.

Regretting that the APC government had practically “taken Nigerians to hell,” he said it was ridiculous for anybody to think that Governor Lalong could ‘anoint’ any aspirant and that will become the magic wand to guarantee victory for whomever he chooses.

“Lalong has done nothing to show for all the years he has been in office. So how can he anoint another person? Let me tell you, right now in Maiduguri, there is no contest. There may be contest later. But now there is no contest because all of them know that not one of the aspirants has the capacity that (governor) Zullum has. This is because everyone around there knows that Zullum is doing the best for his State. But in Plateau, where are we?” Sabiu said.

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