The Necessary Preample:
We, the concerned sons and daughters of the Ozi-Ogu obanyi of Ebiraland, ride on the strength of this timely communique to commend the person of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, the incumbent Executive Governor of Kogi State, for his landmark efforts in the pilot of the affairs of the state and the entire Ebiraland where we all hail from.

Once in a while, it is obligatory of every sane individual to take a halt and assess the significance of his life journey; or the viability of his transactions as it is were. The sole aim of this epistle of necessity is not unconnected to the assessment of the political transactions of our political leaders since the All Progressives Congress (APC) claimed the seat of power in Kogi State, January 27, 2016. It is called for because no man goes to a market in the preponderance to run at a loss; but, as it stands today, it is glaring our abandonment of the umbrella in the People Democratic Party (PDP), the party that rewarded our loyalty with a seat in the Senate, a seat at the House of Representatives, Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly and Chairman of a Local Government Area in Ebiraland, when we could simply liken our then loyalty and support to an away match in the football world, for the All Progressives Congress (APC), a supposed home match where we should have enjoyed all the vital home advantages, has, in lieu, of fatness sent leanness to us as a people.
For the purpose of records, every bit of this comminque, starting from the red letter to the highlight, is to direct the attention of all and sundry to a dangerous bend ahead, and make emphatic our collective position on our proposition.

The Purposeful Assessment:
All those who have been following our political trajectory would testify we go all out for support without reservation in pursuits of our convictions; throughout the sixteen-year administration of the People Democratic Party (PDP), we were there in the full regalia of the numerical strength Allah has given us. Also, when it was time for us to offer support to the APC, immediately, about eighty percent of us never hesitated to make u-turn.

Today, the paltry six-year administration of the APC in Kogi State has claimed the lives of two of our promising young men in the Saka Iruvucheba who was gunned down in the fracas that erupted by the Kogi State Polytechnic gate in Lokoja, when the then Senator, Dino Melaye, came to Lokoja on the 12th June, 2017, during the first tenure of this administration. More over, just Friday last week, the 22nd April, 2022, the Abdulkareen, also known as Ijôbó, who was shot in the spine at Ganaja village in Ajaokuta Local Government Area in the struggle to return this government to power for second tenure on November the 16th, 2019, died after being confined to a place helplessly for five months. And the most traumatizing was the money he needed for a surgery in India so he could be useful to his family again that couldn’t be provided by the same government he served till he closed his eyes in death.

When has it become an offense to rally around our son in support and loyalty?
You might have hidden under the government of Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello today and deflated our balloon be prepared for the day we shall collectively rise up to inflate it back; you might have succeeded in casting your stone at us today, just be ready for our metal.
Our Proposition:

As we round off, we would like to bring to the notice of you all that we are watching your sharing formula in anticipation for another administration, we are glad the Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello we all supported massively would have completed his second tenure and gone for good by then. If we are schemed out again we shall support another party to defeat you.

Ozi-Ogu Concerned Advocates

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