PDP May Lose 2023 Presidency If I Don’t Pick Its Ticket, Wike Warns NWC

The Rivers State governor and presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nyesom Wike, on Tuesday warned the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) that failure to produce him as the presidential candidate of the party will cost the party victory in 2023.

He added that having supported them to emerge as the NWC, it is their turn to support him to emerge as the presidential candidate of the party.

Speaking during a consultative visit on the NWC, the Rivers State governor said, “The household name now is Wike, so don’t make mistake and lose Wike.

Because if you lose Wike, you have lost the election. It is not our prayer that we should lose the election.

“So, it is important I take this opportunity and let you know that I am prepared. Psychological, mentally and in all aspects, I am very much prepared.

“So let us not waste time. Go and tell our people that you have seen the right person and the right person is Wike.

“So it is important you do the campaign for me; that was how I did it for you too. When I was fighting the former NWC, some of you were supporting them.

Now all of you are here. “One good turn deserves another. So you people should also payback.

Because you didn’t go to campaign, but now I am coming to campaign.

So payback. “But please do us the favour to conduct a free and fair election, that will be an advantage for us to win in 2023”, the governor said.

Wike also took on the governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal; Bauchi State governor, Bala Mohammed, and former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, over their campaign for consensus candidacy, saying he doesn’t support such.

“When we did our convention in 2018, about 10 people contested.

There was no consensus. Why are they talking about consensus? “The primary was quite open, you know I supported Aminu Tambuwal, I have no regrets, I didn’t support Atiku.

But when Tambuwal lost, I carried Atiku’s campaign on my head, that is what it’s supposed to be. “I don’t believe in these people going around on consensus. I told them that their consensus move is shine shine bobo, the more you look, the less you see. I say I’m not going to buy it. It will not work and I’m not a party to it. “I believe in consensus based on equity, justice and fairness. But not consensus by those who have conspired, they think they can bring me in, but nobody can bring me into it.

“This election is determinant for us, is to determine our history. Look at the convention we did in 2018, it was acknowledged by the international community.

Look at the convention that brought you people in, it was acknowledged by everybody.

“I want to please advise, not to make any mistake of what people will say that the NWC is trying to favour an aspirant over others.

This will destroy the party. Because as an opposition party, we cannot afford people to say this election is not credible, this election is not transparent.

“But if you do anything short of credible and transparent convention, it will be a shame. After we have done 2018, after we have done the convention that brought you in, then you should do a better convention as members of NWC.

“I will also advise that this time we are in, is a litigation period. There is no election where you don’t see litigation, there is none. It will come.

So that we don’t run into problems again, you should try as much as you can if you cannot vacate such an order, try as much as you can to assign people and settle it.

“There is no issue that cannot be resolved if you are open and transparent.”

In a vague attack on those who left PDP and came back, Wike said that the presidential ticket shouldn’t be given to such person(s), adding, “Not those who you give tickets tomorrow they fail you, won’t see them at the party again.

And when you don’t give them the ticket, they will also leave the party, no, that is not the way it should be.”

He further warned that the ticket should be given to who can win the election, adding, “In all that we do, we should be concerned about who can win this election for PDP.

Not somebody who wants to run a presidential election, then lose your state.

No, you must assure us that you will win your state before we will give you the ticket. “So let us work together. Don’t say I criticise you, I’ll criticise you.

That one, nobody can stop it, if you don’t do the right thing. I will criticise you.”

Responding, the National Chairman of PDP, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, told Wike that he can’t insist on level playing field and expect them to campaign for him. He said, “On the one hand you want a level playing field from the NWC.

On the other hand, you want the NWC to canvass vote for you. “Incoming president, you have to choose one, you can’t have the two.

“But let’s assure you, this NWC will try to uphold the tradition of the PDP.

That tradition since 1999 is running very credible and transparent conventions starting from Jos to the last one that produced this National Working Committee.

“I want to assure you that there will be no foul play or manipulation, we will certainly do better than what you did in October last year. We will hold an absolutely transparent convention.

At that stage, we will try to be the INEC of the Peoples Democratic Party, not partisan.

We’ll try as much as possible to make sure that every member of the National Working Committee works for the party.

“But I want to also assure you, that once you emerge as the candidate or the party, whoever emerges from that point on, we will be aggressively partisan, because we want the party to win the election.

We will do everything in our power by way of canvassing for votes from Nigerian people to ensure that the PDP wins the next election because a victory by PDP candidate is a victory for everybody.

“And it is in that light that I particularly like your submission when you made it clear, that win or lose, you will never leave the party.

You will work for the party. You’ve done it before and we are very sure that you will do it again.”

He, however, cautioned the aspirants against using foul language against themselves, saying, “We’ve never attacked an individual and that is what we want from all our presidential aspirants, that they should stick to issues.

They should not attack themselves. By attacking each other, you undermine the party and you are giving the opposition the ammunition to attack us when the candidate emerges.”

Also speaking at the event to support Wike, the Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, said that Wike is an Igbo man, who cannot be held down by geography.

Addressing newsmen after submitting the presidential expression of interest and nomination form on behalf of Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal, the leader of the campaign office of the governor, Dr. Nicholas Msheliza, said Tambuwal is a unifier and a bridge builder.

He explained that some patriotic Nigerians, who were desirous of change and hoping that this country will for once know peace and come out of its current quagmire, picked form for him.

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