Gov Ododo applauds appellate court’s verdict, calls for unity, progress

Kogi State Governor Ododo Ahmed Usman, has commended the recent ruling by the Appellate Court, lauding the judgment as a significant win for democracy.


Following the Kogi Governorship Election dispute, the Court of Appeal in Abuja reversed the Tribunal’s Exparte order that permitted the SDP candidate to examine electoral materials, citing the act as a procedural error.


In a statement by Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Governor Oladele John Nihi, the court has now mandated a fresh inspection of all electoral materials involving all parties, in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Act.


According to the Governor, the verdict is proof of a strong electoral system that is resilient and committed to protecting democratic values.


In light of the verdict, Governor Ododo calls for unity and collaboration among all stakeholders, stressing the importance of reconciliation for the state’s progress. He invites those willing to contribute to state development to join efforts as governance takes precedence over the election phase.


Reflecting on the significance of the moment, Governor Ododo states, “Today marks a unified step towards a brighter tomorrow. We proceed with determination, mindful that peace, progress, and forward-thinking leadership are the hallmarks of our collective journey.”


This ruling underpins the critical role of procedural integrity in electoral disputes, reinforcing the need for fair and transparent processes in democracy.


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