Valington Homes and Properties Ltd Unveils Unique Business Model For 2021, Rewards Performing Staff 

Staff pose with the Managing Director, Valington Homes and Properties, Mr Valentine Abiji and the Executive Director, at the End of Year Party and Awards Presentation Ceremony of the organization, in Abuja, recently.
A leading Real Estate Development and Marketing Organization, Valington Homes and Properties Ltd has unveiled its business model for the coming new year 2021, stating that the company will offer services that are distinguished by the company policy of use of top-quality building materials, timely delivery of projects, transparency and accountability to customers.
Chairman of the ceremony, Chief Sir Steven Nwueze who unveiled the unique business model during his opening remarks at End of Year Party and Awards Presentation Ceremony, in Abuja, recently, said ‘Valington Homes and Properties Ltd will strengthen its commitment to quality and affordability of homes to Nigerians,’ adding that housing is one of the essential needs of man.
‘Irrespective of whether or not you are working in the private or public sector, Valington Homes and Properties Ltd has put in place very flexible payment methods that will enable you fulfil your dreams of home ownership,’ the Chairman added.
‘We know that salary earners in public and private sectors may not earn so much, so we have put in place polices that will favor you in the area of home ownership,’ he said.
While commending the Valington Homes and Properties Ltd team for their commitment and resilience to the realization of set goals, the Chairman said the organization was able to make headways despite the challenges imposed by Covid-19, stating that ‘Valington Homes and Properties Ltd has set a pace in Abuja, and we will replicate the model in states across the federation.’
From Left: Chairman of the occasion, Mr Steven Nwueze; Managing Director, Valington Homes and Properties Ltd, Mr. Valentine Abiji and the Executive Director of the Company, Engr Darlington Ugota, at the ceremony, in Abuja, recently.
Managing Director, Valington Homes and Properties, Mr Valentine Abiji said it is a top priority of the organization to ensure customer satisfaction, stating that the presence of customers at the event is a reciprocation of the organization’s gesture. ‘I thank you for coming,’ he said.
Discussing the founding of the organization, the Managing Director said: ‘Valington Homes and Properties Ltd is a Real Estate Development organization that came into existence by the progressive unity of two good friends, Valentine and Darlington,’ adding that within the past one year of serious team work, the organization has made significant progress.
‘We give glory to God who made things work for good,’ he said.
Reiterating the commitment of the organization to the delivery of high quality homes, the Managing Director said sincerity, timeliness and other qualities that we project, will come to play in the delivery of services, he added.
In his speech, the Executive Director, Valington Homes and Properties Ltd, Engr Darlington Ugota assured that the organization is committed to ‘bridging the gap between estate developers and residents of the Federal Capital Territory,’ stating that ‘professionalism, excellence, integrity and mutual respect will continue to be the watchwords of the organization.
‘We have expanded our frontiers and now market for very reputable estate companies like the SEMAN metropolis estate, Leisure court estate, Iman estate, Royal City Luxury Homes, Palazzo estates, Mckesson luxury homes and others.’
‘These estates have, within the year, provided lasting solution to the housing needs of thousands of people in Abuja. We currently have three office spaces and have also engaged about 35 staff and over 50 partners in the areas of marketing and administration as our own little way of responding to the alarming issues of youth unemployment.’
For year 2020. the following category of awards were bestowed on staff as a way of encouraging commitment in staff and overall improvement in service delivery of the organization: Best marketer of the year, most hardworking staff, integrity and loyal staff, leadership award, achievement award, punctuality award, best dressed male and female award, well behaved staff, super clients of the year (male/female), most supportive friend of VHP award, supportive client award, supportive motivator of the year award and CEO of the year award, among others.
An overwhelmed awardee of the company displays her reward

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