Abdul Joegaster Ogodo: The Gift of God To Ankpa1 Constituent.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.’ – Nelson Mandela

“Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.” – Dan Brown

Ankpa1 Constituent is on a fruitful mission as they are ready to choose the man of vision for the right occasion, Alh. Mohammed Abdul Ogodo (Joegaster)
There is always this local ideology of not always getting it right and it’s very possible to get it right and the time is now. At a time quality leadership has dropped to its lowest ebb in our society, comes a succour from no other than Mohammed Abdul Ogodo (Joegaster).

Joegaster Abdul is a selcouth gem of impeccable character, assiduous in many fields of human endeavors . A vast individual in many arts of of daily living. Joegaster is one upright individuals whose knowledge in human development is second to non. His tentativeness in politics is on another level, the work ethics ranging from academics to business and to religion distinguish him from the rest . It is therefore not surprising that he is now being recognized by his people as a voice of the voiceless and choosing him to serve is clearly overdue.

His nomerous admirers called him “Eleojo” (The gift of God). People from other axis in kogi state felt his leadership capacity which shows his hands of kindness across board as no one is left behind. Joegaster has touched many lives both young and olds who can attest to his way of handling things.

Born and bred in Ankpa LGA, Kogi State.He attended Roman Catholic Mission Primary School, Ogodo in the mid 80s; and Secondary Education at the Saint Charles College Ankpa in the late 80s. He gained admission into the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where he Obtained his Higher Diploma in Guidance and Counselling in 2009; B.Sc Sociology from University of Abuja in 2013; B.Ed Guidance and Counselling from University of Abuja in 2016. Joegaster’s zeal to acquire knowledge is amaze as he was certified by the Kogi State College of Education Ankpa with National Certificate of Education (NCE) – Business Education in 1993.

In a society where injustice is ravaging our society in order to be atune with the judicial system , Joegaster Abdul went further to study and acquired Master of Criminal Justice from Kaduna State University in 2017; and raked in M.Sc Criminology from University of Abuja in 2021.

His Political engagement showed his prowess in every facet of political gladiator he has served in his Political journey, Joegaster served as SSA to Enugu State Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (2020 – 2022). Supervisory Councillor Bwari Area Council FCT-Abuja (2004 – 2016) and also served a Confidential Secretary to Chief Audu I. Ogbeh OFR, former National Chairman of PDP (2001 – 2004).
It is not surprising as politics runs in his blood as his political exploitation for long in various capacities just like his father before him. Joegaster fill in his father shoes perfectly.

Supervisory Councillor for Education and Social Development (2004 – 2007) .Supervisory Councillor for Works, Housing, Land and Survey( 2007 – 2010). Supervisory Councillor for Education and Social Development (2010 – 2013).
Supervisory Councillor for Education and Social Development (2013 – 2016).

Out of politics and academics, his Other Engagements are not far fetch presently he is still the Executive Director, Foundation for Criminal Justice and Reform (FOCJURE), Abuja (2019 – to date). And also Chairperson, Civil Liberties Organization, Bwari Area Council FCT-Abuja (2020 – to date) and his humanitarian services is not short because he is a man with a large heart . He is a philanthropist.

The impeccable Joegaster , a Public figure of great repute. The affable, agreeable, amiable, charming, gregarious,sympathetic ,diplomatic, impartial and detribalized astute of an ideal perfect young man.
These are genuine quality of a personality I refer to as man the moment and future.

What more can we say about this astutely sage man rather than seeking for God mercy upon him.

Therefore, Abdul Joegaster Ogodo is a man of many tentacles who has distinguished himself distinctively in the fields of academics, politics, business, religious services and philanthropy and humanitarian services. He is a rare gem. politics was a call to service and a desire to fight for justice and his desire into academics was an adventure and desire to seek higher knowledge to be able to reputably discharge his duty diligently. He is relentlessly workaholic and those who have had the privilege of working with him can testify to his virtues of hard work, perseverance, relentless quest for excellence, honesty and integrity.


Abdullahi Mohammed Luth
Is content manger, political analyst and seasonal journalist

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