Bad Governance : Buhari Surrounded Himself With Criminals, Who Lie to Him – Fr Mbaka Blows Hot

The easily ignited spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka has tackled President Muhammadu Buhari to the ground in latest outbursts.

The man of God who is a diehard supporter of Buhari, accused him of surrounding himself with criminals and hooligans.

Mbaka alleged that the criminals and hooligans have continuously fed Buhari with lies.

The clergyman made the claims while delivering a message, entitled “Impure Heart” during the 2020 All Saints Day Holy Mass at Adoration ground, yesterday.

Mbaka alleged that the bodies of End SARS protesters killed by security operatives in Enugu State were dumped in the Onyeama valleys.

He noted that Buhari has failed to salvage the situation because he had surrounded himself with the wrong people.

He said: “(President) Buhari, who could have been a solution to this, succeeded in encircling himself with criminals and hooligans, people who do not just tell him lies, but rather, they magnify lies – lies with NAFDAC number – and feed him!

“We are celebrating the All Saints Day today. When we talk about the Saints, the contrast becomes the living, we who are still on earth.

“Our leaders seem to be reaping the seeds that they had planted o. When somebody that you had not given jobs to come out to say that he is hungry and angry, it was you that attracted such protest, in the first place. Do you know how many youths that have died due to hunger?”

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