Breaking : Popular musician , Friends Murdered In Abuja, as Fingers cut off

The Nigerian singer Chop Boii ( attached below) and 3 of his friends have been gruesomely murdered in Gwarinpa, ABUJA by unknown gun men who also used their blood to write on the wall.

The late Chop Boi was at the wrong place at the wrong time, according to his friend, who shared the news on Twitter.

Walk with me as she explains more:

Apparently, the late Chop Boi was producing new music, a new jam with his music producer, another friend of his, and his producer girlfriend, yesterday afternoon at the residence of the producer at Gwarimpa Abuja when the gunmen struck.

The unknown gunmen’s targets were the producer and his girlfriend, but unfortunately for them, Chop Boi and his friend were also there, and they butchered them all, even writing on the wall with their blood after cutting their fingers off.

Victims of the failed system called Nigeria.

Another Twitter user @HrhWheelz who shared the story, said the fingers of the singer and his friends were cut off by the assailants who also used their blood to write on the wall.

The Twitter user insinuated that Chop Boii and another friend were at the wrong place at the wrong time, as she claimed the assailants came for his producer and his girlfriend who was also murdered.

“Yesterday my friend and three of his friends were butchered and killed In Gwarimpa at their house and their fingers were cut and their blood was used to wrote on the wall Rip chop Abuja will miss you.

“You were just at the wrong place at wrong time I still love you.

“He was producing with his producer a friend and his producers girlfriend That they came for the producer and his girlfriend but unluckily for them they were also there and the butchered them all even wrote on the wall with their blood cut their fingers off He was just damage.”

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