Democracy Day: Tinubu reacts to slip on Presidential parade vehicle In Abuja

President Bola Tinubu has opened up on his slip and fall while boarding the presidential parade vehicle at Eagle Square in Abuja, the venue of the 2024 Democracy Day celebration.

Tinubu slipped when he was about to step into the vehicle at Eagle Square on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

The president, after the slip, regained his balance and continued with the activities for the day.

Speaking during the Democracy Day dinner at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Wednesday evening, Tinubu said he only “dobale” – paid homage to democracy in the Yoruba style.

The two-term former Lagos State Governor stressed that democracy is worth falling for.

He added that onlookers might have mistaken his misstep for the popular ‘Buga’ dance move or a traditional Yoruba way of prostrating to greet elders.

President Tinubu said: “Earlier this morning, I had a swagger and it’s on social media.

“They were confused whether I was doing Buga or Babariga.

“But it’s a day to celebrate democracy while doing ‘dobale’ for the day. I am a traditional Yoruba boy, I did my dobale.”

Tinubu further underscored the importance of national orientation and collective effort in fostering a prosperous future for the country, saying: “Nigeria is blessed, our complexity, our diversity is there, but is the best road to success.

“Whatever we have to invest in our national orientation, we have to do it.”

Tinubu said Nigeria’s national anthem encapsulated the essence of service, a value he said was practiced by many governors across the country.

The president, however, expressed his gratitude to the governors, saying their dedication to serving their people irrespective of their political affiliations.

On the criticisms of the national anthem, Tinubu called on governors to redouble their efforts in fostering a sense of duty and national character among citizens.

“Citizenship is not just the dictionary meaning of it, it is the actual character. Let us teach this to our children, so that Nigeria collectively, we will do the job that we are called upon to do as both family or nation,” Tinubu said.

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