Edo 2024: Victoria Amu dumps APC for PDP

In a significant political shift, Victoria Amu, a former governorship aspirant on the platform of the APC, has joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Amu made this declaration during a press conference held at the PDP Secretariat in Benin City.

Amu, a former Senior Special Assistant, has committed to delivering the Owan Federal Constituency for the PDP candidate, Asue Ighodalo, in the upcoming Edo 2024 elections.

“I have spent many years with the APC, contributing to its growth and success. However, after careful consideration and consultations with my supporters and stakeholders, I have decided to join the PDP,” Amu stated.

Amu emphasised her belief in the PDP’s vision and leadership, highlighting that the party’s policies align more closely with her aspirations for the people of Owan. “The PDP has shown a commitment to progress and inclusivity, values that resonate deeply with me. I am confident that under the PDP, we can achieve much-needed development in our communities,” she added.

Victoria Amu’s defection is seen as a strategic move ahead of the Edo 2024 elections, as she has a substantial following in the Owan Federal Constituency. Her influence is expected to bolster the PDP’s chances of securing a victory in the region.

In her remarks, Amu assured her supporters that her decision was made in the best interest of Owan and Edo State at large. She pledged to work tirelessly to ensure the success of Asue Ighodalo and the PDP in the forthcoming elections.

“The people of Owan deserve effective representation and sustainable development. Ighodalo has a proven track record of service and dedication, and I am committed to mobilising support to ensure his victory,” Amu said.

This political realignment is expected to have significant implications for the Edo 2024 elections, as the PDP gains a formidable ally in Victoria Amu. Her commitment to delivering Owan Federal Constituency for the PDP could reshape the political landscape in the region, making the upcoming elections one to watch closely.

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