Fashion designer wants increased patronage of ‘Adire’ by Nigerians

In a bid to further draw attention to the patronage of Made-in-Nigeria products, fashion designer Mosimiloluwa Adewole on Friday organized a fashion show to draw the attention of Nigerians on the need to increasingly patronize popular local fabric ‘Adire’.

The show which held at the popular Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja saw fashion designer Mosimiloluwa Adewole, use Adire churn out intricate designs to the admiration of the large crowd that came out to witness the show.

According to Adewole, the aim is to establish a footprint of African styles in western designs in an affordable manner.

The lawyer turned fashion designer, who is popularly known as SimiTeds stressed that the idea is to come out with different styles and excellent attires that can compete with western styles using the ‘Adire’.

The show the organizers say is also to draw the attention of Nigerians away from the perceived hardship in the country.

“We came up with this initiative now because we want to show Africans that we can be creative if we choose to be and to also make them see how to embrace their own style affixed in a uniquely western way without necessarily doing what others say or feel that their style should look like. You can create your own style, not allowing what the society dictates to you

“My expectation mostly is to inspire other fashion designers especially youth like myself and the younger generation as well to actually step out of their comfort zones to embrace their styles. You know what your style is doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be the style of another. I personally came up with this ideas and sketches flaunted today.”

On the economy, Adewole said being an entrepreneur or a creative person has changed with the present realities Nigerians are going through.

He said consistency and being able to come out with affordable will distinguish any fashion designer.

“As much as we have a lot of people going through a lot in the economy, and not exactly concerned about food or fashion but I can also tell you a fact that there are people out always looking out for the next design, style or fashion items to purchase or wear which is like food for them. Don’t get me wrong, we know the stomach is very important. We here are trying to put smiles on the faces of people that believe so much in their looks than their stomach to balance the economical equations.




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