Fashola highlights milestones in power sector

  • says generated power up to 7000 MW in 2017 from 3,000 MW in May 2015
  • Transmission Capacity at 6900MW in 2017 from about 5,000 MW in May 2015
  • Peak distribution now averaging 5,000 MW from 2,690MW in 2015

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola has assured Nigerians that government is on the right track in the effort to provide uninterrupted power supply to Nigerians.

The minister, who gave the assurance at the 23rd monthly power sector operators meeting held in Lafia, Nasarawa state on Monday the 8th of January 2018 commended operators for their contributions to the milestones saying operators are positively ‘impacting the lives of Nigerians by saving them money and changing their lifestyles for the better.’

Recalling discussions he had with some consumers, the minister said: “They tell me that their consumption of diesel and petrol to run generators for power has reduced and the hours they run their generators has gradually reduced.”

While describing the testimonies as the result of incremental power, he pledged the readiness of government to achieve more.

“They also tell me that they are now monitoring how they use power and are turning off appliances that are not needed,” he added.

“Although this is meant to save costs, it also conserves energy, reduces waste and supports incremental power.

Fashola noted that in the last three months, government has increased the supply of power in the dry weather and people’s experience with power was better.

While he commended the Ministry of Petroleum Resources for the increase in gas supply, he expressed joy that “cynics who used to say that it is only during the rains that power improves now see that what we have done is no fluke.”

“Apart from gas, other stakeholders are also taking commendable steps.

“A few months ago the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) formally presented the Mini Grid Regulations at this meeting and its impact is beginning to manifest.

“Last month in Abuja, Nigeria through the Rural Electrification Agency hosted a Mini Grids Summit that is the largest ever attended in Africa with 600 participants from about 40 Countries.

“The word is spreading around the world as mini grids will help us connect more people and boost incremental power.

“We are also putting together a policy position to help expand the distribution network of the DisCos and use this to distribute the 2000MW that is currently available but cannot be distributed.

“I also use the opportunity to call out to Manufacturers to let us know where they are, how much power they need, and how we can connect you because we have 2000 MW of undistributed power.

He assured that in 2018, government will work harder to increase people’s access to meters and reduce incidents of estimated billing as NERC concludes the Meter Regulations that will open up the meters supply and installation business.

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