Niger: Stakeholders drum support for ADC Guber flagbearer, Dr Mani

The candidature of the Niger State governorship flag bearer of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Dr Mani Ibrahim received a boost on Friday as stakeholders agreed that the reputation and political antecedents of the scholar is in itself a strategy that will lead to his victory at the polls in the forthcoming elections in Niger State.

National Chairman of the ADC, Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu, who made the point at a fund raising ceremony organised in pursuit of Dr Mani’s gubernatorial ambition, said, “In studying strategies, Dr Mani is able to evolve solutions to problems of Niger State and put in place actions that will lead to the development of the State.”

While saying that the ADC believes in credible leadership, Nwosu explained that monetary worth of an individual does not guarantee patriotism and good leadership, saying, “Some aspirants may have all the money, all the equipment and all the resources, but if you fail to achieve unity of the people, they will not get the desired result.”

He said, “Dr Mani’s political antecedents present him as a candidate that will work, not only for the unity and progress of Niger State, but also for the entire country.
“I identify with Dr Mani, he has enjoyed the best of ADC, especially that there are no boundaries with him. He understands ADC’s quest for national unity and has continued to work in that direction.

“Dr. Mani puts to practice the idea that all hands must be on deck for the recovery of this country.”

While saying that electing Mani to the Government House in Niger State is like putting a round peg in a round hole, Nwosu explained that although “Niger State is home of two former presidents and other big wigs and retired Generals, a visit to the state leaves people disappointed as a result of the acute underdevelopment of the human and natural resources of the state.

“In Niger State, you will find that the human capital, the roads and other infrastructures are in bad shape,” he said, adding that it “is in view of this that we are supporting Dr Mani to go and fix Niger State because we know he can do it.”

“We will move to Niger State and call on the people to vote for Dr Mani if they really want to put in place a responsible and purposeful leadership in Niger State.”

The Chairman of the ceremony, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Base University, Prof David Ogbonnanya, described Mani as a very sound academic who has passion to serve the country.

“I applaud him for his tenacity in the last dispensation. He tried his best and stood for what he believed in, and did not succumb to the temptations of other parties around him. This time, he is seeking to govern Niger State. More than 40 years ago, I was in a village called Paiko, I came all the way from Enugu to Minna. I was driven in the school bus from Minna to Paiko, which was the temporary site of the Federal Government College, Paiko. Three years later, I moved to Minna to become a resident. So I understand the politics and terrain of Niger State. Niger State is a mini Nigeria.

“I had peace when I was there but I am surprised now that there is now acute underdevelopment of the state now which have seriously stunted the potentials of Niger State. I am glad that Dr Mani has decided to go and fix the state if given the opportunity to do so.

“We have to do all we can to support him because Niger State will be in good hands if we give him the opportunity to be governor of the state.

In his speech titled “Need for Paradigm Shift in Nigerian Politics: Why Dr Mani Should Be Elected Governor of Niger State,” Guest Speaker at the ceremony, Dr Sadiq Abba expressed concern that “as a nation, Nigeria is currently at a crossroads. There is tug of war between the old order and the emerging new order.

“There is a conscious battle being fought over the years between forces of radical progress: the forces of conservatism in Nigerian politics such that the Nigerian nation has been compromised and relegated to the background.” He added that Mani, if elected, would turn around the fortunes of Niger State.

Commenting on the state of the nation, the guest speaker said, “Nigerians are lamenting the catastrophic destruction of the Nigerian state despite our enormous human and material resources, but the emergence of Dr Mani Ibrahim as gubernatorial candidate of the ADC is a testimony that the era of lamentation is over. Mani is more than just a name and more than just an individual.”

The guest speaker who noted that Niger State was “currently under the trauma of an incompetent leadership that does not hold a promise of development,” tasked the electorate to work for change by ousting the leadership.

Earlier, Nwosu, ADC National Chairman commented on the values of the party in relation to the credibility of its Niger State governorship flag bearer, saying, “Dr Mani is gubernatorial flag bearer of our great party, the African Democratic Congress.

“The ADC will surely impact our country and contribute significantly to the political development of the country. We will make impact in the states of the country.

“In ADC, we shake hands, and in shaking hands, we want everybody to come together as a team and work for the development of Nigeria.

“We believe that there should be no room for division or divisiveness in Nigeria, so we shake hands.

“The ADC believes that it is by working together that we can achieve the best results.

The candidate, who was visibly elated, thanked the well wishers and assured that he would uphold the virtues that earned him the confidence of the ADC and the people.

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