Why Nigeria is still not industrialised, by importer

Nigeria has the human, economic and material resources to become a world Super Power and play big in the committee of nations, but the enormous potential has not been realised as a result of recurring lack of political will on the part of successive governments to take the bull by the horn and industrialise Nigeria. Chairman of Bertco Motors, Senator Joseph Waku has said.

The Forth Republic Senator who is Pro-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure made the point at an exclusive interview with The TRUTH in Abuja, recently.

Waku emphasized the need for ‘strong political will on the part of government to revive Nigeria’s steel sector,’ stating that Nigeria would have been producing aircrafts by now if political will was exercised early enough by the various leaders of the country.

While lamenting the sad state of the steel sector, he however expressed hope that “one day, a leadership will come on board that will have the zeal and to revive the sector and industrialise the country.”

He charged leaders at various levels to be courageous and pursue vision that would not only strengthen the country within its borders, but that will place the country in a position of strength and industrial advantage in the committee of nations.

We must summon the will to pursue and realise the golden vision of our founding fathers,” he said adding that “early enough, the Ajaokuta project was conceived with the aim to industrialise this country but it has become a monumental waste as a result of lack of continuity.”

According to Waku, “the wasteful state of Ajaokuta Steel Company reputes Nigeria as one of the most wasteful countries in the world,” he said.

I hope one day, but this may not be during our time, a strong willed government will come on board to clear the mess and industrialise this country, he added.


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