PHOTO-NEWS: Cosgrove Plants 1000 Tress To Commemorate 2019 Customer Week


The Chief Executive Officer, Cosgrove, Mr Umar Abdullahi (Front Row, Extreme Left), leading the team to site while the Chief Technical Officer, Cosgrove, Engr Baba Kalli makes a point, during the 1000 Tree-Planting-Programme embarked upon my Cosgrove to commemorate 2019 Customer Week, recently, in Abuja.

Multiple award-winning Real Estate Development Company, Cosgrove, has kick-started a one-thousand-tree-planting-programme as a gesture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to commemorate 2019 Customer Week.

The activity also reflects the environment-friendly policy of the premier real estate development company that is currently building over 1000 automated homes in three estates in the FCT.

The Team lines-up along some of newly-planted trees.

Chief Executive Officer, Cosgrove, Mr Umar Abdullahi who led the team discussed the motivation for the tree planting activity saying, “It is an effort to give back to society, to serve society and make efforts that will regenerate environmental splendor.”

Teamwork: all hands on deck  

“Yes, we build the best automated homes, but we also believe in the development of serene environment around a home as it adds value to the structure,” he added.

Discussing the environmental benefits of trees, the remarkably young CEO said, “Trees are a source benefit to nations; they support economy, absorb harmful gases, support wildlife, improve mental health, offsets environmental impacts and help control flood.”

“Trees give off oxygen that we all need to breathe, trees also reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding,” adding that species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees also provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.

“Trees are the oldest living organisms on the planet, not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but they offset environmental impacts and create a healthy, clean environment for us to enjoy.”

While he explained that trees prevent nearly $7 billion in health costs annually by filtering air pollution and preventing more adverse effects, the CEO of the innovation oriented organisation added that trees increase aesthetic value of homes reducing energy costs, adding that recent studies show that mature trees planted in a nicely manicured yards could increase a home’s value 1 – 19 percent.

“In fact, neighborhood streets with shady trees can be a staggering 6 – 10 degrees cooler than streets without trees. This not only affects the comfort of the neighborhood but also reduces the area’s energy needs.

He called on homeowners to consider increasing the value of their homes by planting trees around. He explained that although it make take a while to grow to maturity, but noted that they will eventually grow and be enjoyed by residents for many years to come.

The Cosgrove Team is lead by a remarkably young man whose penchant for innovation and flawless service delivery continued to advance the credibility of the company. The activity was also an avenue for team bonding among staff, in order to engender healthy social relationship among staff which will lead to cooperation with a view serve customers better.


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