2024: Demand accountability from government, Sen. Akpoti-Uduaghan rallies Nigerians

The Peoples Democratic Party Senator representing Kogi Central in the National Assembly, Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, has called on Nigerians to demand accountability from the government.


In her new year message to Nigerians, Sen. Akpoti-Uduaghan insisted that through that the country can be rebuilt and set once more on the part of greatness.


She said, “In 2024, intentionally critique the budget … follow the money… monitor the contracts.


“Know that every single kobo borrowed to fund the budget is a debt on all of us including the unborn children. So treat governance seriously. Your democratic rights don’t end at the polls… it starts there. Be involved, we shall work with you!!!”


Further speaking, the Senator insisted that 2024 should be the year the youth begin to take charge of your government.


According to her, “Question the numerous MoUs and contracts entered by foreign investors and the Federal/State governments. That’s how unqualified Shell companies are uncovered and we can avoid another SolGas, GINL Ajaokuta steel & Delta steel mishap.


“Critique our bilateral agreements and treaties. Some are meaningless, obsolete, and sovereign traps. Help Nigeria escape from neocolonialism!!!


“Demand monthly question-and-answer sessions with your president. Share your developmental ideas and public opinions. He is your president till 2027 so you might as well begin to make the best use of him for you!!!


“Remember Nigeria is ours to fix,” she stressed.


She galvanized the young Nigerians to unleash their potentials as according to her, the music industry and the fintech space was established without government support.


“Nigeria’s music industry wasn’t established by the government but by ordinary citizens webbing an ecosystem responsive enough to own their space in the world. Afrobeats thrives!!! P


“Who says you can’t do same with Science and Technology what you did to the music industry? Who says you can’t revolutionise alternative medicine in the wake of the pharmaceutical giant’s departure from Nigeria? In the past two weeks, I watched the NAFDAC DG and Sen. Aminu Abbas, Chairman Committee on Science and Technology make strong cases to support startups and clinic research in furtherance of alternative medicine.


“The next big pharma could be Nigerian!!!


“Let our specialised TechHubs be your playground. Station F of France, STING of Stockholm, Botswana Innovation Hub… brace up innovators!!!,” Akpoti-Uduaghan said.


On the twin incidences on Plateau and Kaduna, she said that “on grounds of negligence, we can call for the sack and prosecution of the Army commandant who ordered the Tudun Biri air strike.


“We can call for the sack of the Plateau State Director of DSS and Commissioner of Police for gross incompetence over the killings in Plateau.


While acknowledging the enormous power Nigerian youthful population holds, `she stressed, “Fellow Nigerians, you are mostly young, smart, and intuitive; there lies your power… let 2024 be a time you show yourself changing narratives in well-defined civil spaces. I, Senator Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan will walk with you!”











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