Ayodele, Mbaka Warn Buhari in 2021 Predictions, Beware of People’s Anger

The ever outspoken Catholic priest and Founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari about likely uprising against his government, urging him to embark on people-oriented programmes to save his government from going into extinction.

Fr. Mbaka gave the warning during his 2021 edition of the crossover night ministration, advising the Federal Government to make swift moves to create jobs to prevent Nigerian youths from embarking on protests that may consume the regime.

The event, which held at the AMEN Arena, Enugu, was tagged, ‘Cornucopia of New Miracles from God.’ The Spiritual Leader of the Adoration Ministry also took a swipe at the country’s legislators, especially members of the National Assembly (NASS).

According to the cleric, the nation’s lawmakers could best be described as “kidnappers”, maintaining that unless the Buhari administration genuinely hastens to start taking care of the youths, they (youths) “will rise and end the current political system.”

While noting that Nigerians are going through horrible conditions, Mbaka also cautioned state governors, ministers and all political office holders, stressing that they have a lone choice of repenting and start “doing the needful” otherwise, what awaits them would be unbearable.

“The Holy Spirit of God asks me to warn the government of the day to be very careful; to change policies and take care of the youths without politicising their (youths’) condition; that the government should rise and urgently create jobs and innovate opportunities that would benefit the youths of the nation because they have suffered so much.

“Don’t politicise the condition of the youths, otherwise, they will rise and end the political system. Should the government fail to do so as soon as possible, that time is coming when the youths will rise against the government, and any attempt to stop them will end the government!,” he said.

Mbaka, who did not specify when the youth agitation would take place, however, dropped another bombshell. He said: “I can see a year ahead; it is not specifically 2021, but it is within a time in the time of life, that the anger of God will befall many people in the political circle because they have looted so much and disgraced this nation enough.

“Those who should be serving the country have looted the country dry for their personal aggrandisement, such that our children and grandchildren no longer have a future.” He pointed out that politicians have, for long, busied themselves in “packing and packing the nation’s commonwealth, refusing to create wealth, but they have now turned around to tag the youths as kidnappers, criminals, hoodlums and so on.”

He also declared that God is angry with past and present leaders for turning Nigerian youths into beggars in other countries, due to overwhelming hardship in the nation. He urged them to find a way to right their wrongs. “They should obey the voice of God, sit together and think out how to reshape Nigeria.

“The situation in the country portends wickedness; wicked ruling in high places in the name of legislators; they are the real kidnappers, and the anger of God is upon them. “I know they would want to attack this message, as usual, but I warn, let nobody, whether you are a politician or man of God, attack this message so you do not become a victim!

“Whoever that would conspire against this message or partake in any gang-up against me or this ministry, your evil plans will turn back and befall you. “Be warned, this is no longer the Father Mbaka of 2020 but that of 2021,” he said, adding that, “it will be fire for fire this year; if you attack us, you will be attacked.

“They have kidnapped the opportunities meant for the youths, kidnapped the nation’s wealth and jobs meant for the youths. “They have kidnapped a lot of infrastructure development; they are kidnappers! “If they don’t change but choose to fight Father Mbaka, they should wait and see.

The Holy Spirit says that many politicians will run helter-skelter, from one government house to another; many will run to their villages but they would still be trailed down to their villages. “Many will try to fly out of the country, but the airports will be blocked.

“It will come like doom; they will be put to shame. Those who have been cornering positions that are meant for the youths will be crying ‘had I known,’ he said.

On the way out, Mbaka says that it is a lone option: “The lone option for them is to listen and repent, otherwise, the situation will be unbearable for them because God will support the poor Nigerian youths in the looming battle.”

It is recalled that Fr Mbaka had, during his last crossover service on December 31, 2019, prophesied that the Imo State governor at the time, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), would lose his seat to Senator Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which later came to pass in a manner that many watchers still consider as puzzling.

What Nigeria should expect in 2021 —Primate Ayodele The senior cleric and founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele has predicted a series of events that will happen around the country and other parts of the world in 2021 and beyond while also asking for prayers so that some of the events may be averted.

According to Primate Ayodele, the world needs God’s intervention in the first three months of the year as many scary things will happen. Speaking on the economy the cleric said the government will increase Value Added Tax payable in the country while the Central Bank of Nigeria will come up with new regulations that will affect the economy generally.

Speaking further, Primate Ayodele said the Nigeria Ports Authority will face many challenges while the Managing director of the government parastatal will be indicted in the process.

On the political front, Primate Ayodele said Alhaji Abubakar Atiku must not contest the presidential seat again just as he added that the gentleman agreement on zoning formula among the political parties will not work as a hidden agenda will not make it work.

He also said that there would be earthquake in parts of Asia, Japan and Indonesia just as there would be fake COVID-19 vaccines will cause deaths in many places.

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