Century Cuts to flag-off 2018 Lapidary Training 27th January

Faceted Gemstones

  • Aims to create 1000 jobs in gemstone processing
  • Participants to benefit from innovative methods in cabbing, bead making

Nigeria’s leading gemstones development and trading company, CENTURY CUTS on Tuesday, said its maiden annual world class lapidary training in gemstones cutting and polishing will begin on 27th January, adding that the training aims to share knowledge that will create jobs in excess of one thousand.

CENTURY CUTS spokesperson, Amina Egwuatu who made the disclosure to our correspondent in Abuja said the training which begins in 2018 is designed to share leading innovations and technological advancements in gemstones cutting.

She said participants would also be trained in innovative technologies in cabbing and bead manufacturing.

According to Egwuatu, adopting technology in gemstones cutting will not only ease the process but will also ‘accelerate the ongoing process of economic diversification,’ stating that knowledge sharing in gemstones development has become very important because government has shown commitment to economic diversification by developing the mining sector.

According to Egwuatu, the success of Century Cuts as an organisation is an example of government’s policy success, adding that alot of lucrative jobs will be created by the development of gemstones in Nigeria. “Awareness is increasing and the gemstones sector is opening up and increasing number of people are discovering the potential of gemstones sector to create wealth,” she said adding that economic diversification has already started with gemstones.

“The precious stones sub sector is a very lucrative part of the mining sector, and it has enormous ability to create jobs and contribute significantly to the sector’s revenue earning for the country,” she added.

“It starts on January 27th in Abuja,” she added.

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