COP28: House Ctee Chair underscores development of critical minerals, commends GSN on ‘The Geologist’

From Left: President, Geological Society of Nigeria (GSN), Mr. U. S. Malami, Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Solid Minerals Development, Hon. Gaza Gbefwi, and the Executive Secretary/CEO of the Solid Minerals Development Fund (SMDF), Hajiya Fatimah Umaru Shinkafi, at the launch of the maiden edition of ‘The Geologist,’ a flagship magazine of the GSN, at the Shehu Yar’adua Centre, Abuja, on Monday.
The Chairman, House Committee on Solid Minerals Development, Hon. Gaza Gbefwi has called for the implementation of the discourses at the just concluded COP28 Conference in the UAE.
While saying that the conference highlighted the significance of a ‘Just Transition’ within the energy value chain, he noted that the quest to develop critical minerals has rightfully become a focal point for governments, industries, academics, and professionals worldwide.
Gbefwi, who made the call at the Launching of the maiden edition of ‘The Geologist,’ a flagship magazine of the Geological Society of Nigeria (GSN), in Abuja, on Monday, underscored the imperative for investors to recognize and capitalize on the immense opportunities presented by the ongoing energy transition.
A cross section of the audience displaying copies of ‘The Geologist’ Magazine.
He called on financial institutions, venture capital entities, and the capital market to vigilantly discern and leverage the opportunities intrinsic to Nigeria’s current historical juncture as a country endowed with these critical minerals.
Discussing the commitment of the National Assembly to the development of the sector, the Committee Chair said: ‘In the light of our responsibilities as representatives of the people, it is imperative to acknowledge the pivotal role played by the mining sector in fostering economic growth within our nation.
He explained that beyond the contribution to industrial fueling, the solid minerals sector serves as a catalyst for employment generation, thereby propelling progress in both urban and rural domains.
He stated: “In light of this celebratory occasion of the launch of ‘The Geologist,’ let us collectively recommit ourselves to the judicious stewardship of our mineral resources. Let us foster an environment wherein research thrives, the exchange of ideas flourishes, and the upcoming generation of geologists and miners is inspired to lead with integrity and innovation.”
The House Committee Chair described the ‘The Geologist’ as a publication-of-note that will serve as “a guiding beacon for researchers, students, and industry professionals, directing them towards sustainable practices and innovative solutions.”
President, Geological Society of Nigeria, Mr. U. S. Malami and the Chairman, House Committee on Solid Minerals Development, Hon. Gaza Gbefwi at the launch of ‘The Geologist,’ on Monday.
He acknowledged “the remarkable achievements of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration, particularly the attention the solid mineral sector has received,” adding that the GSN ceremony transcends the mere introduction of a magazine and the establishment of a geoscience library.
Hon. Gbefwi explained that ‘as perspectives on the metals and mining industry evolve, the Geological Society of Nigeria emerges as a vanguard, facilitating a nuanced comprehension of this sophisticated solid minerals sector.’
While saying that the ceremony is emblematic of collective endeavors directed towards advancing public comprehension of geology, mining, and their multifaceted societal impacts, the Committee Chair further commended the Geological Society of Nigeria for its unwavering commitment to the promotion of excellence in geosciences and the facilitation of collaboration among academia, industry, and government.
Hon. Gaza Gbefwi stated: ‘This commendable initiative attests to the Society’s dedication not only to the preservation of our geological heritage but also to the forging of a dynamic and responsible future,’ adding that ‘The Geologist’ and its associated geoscience library stand as enduring sources of enlightenment, collaboration, and inspiration for generations to come.
‘It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I partake in the unveiling of the maiden edition of ‘The Geologist,’ an endeavor spearheaded by the Geological Society of Nigeria—an organization that has demonstrated dynamism and intellectual vigor at this moment in time,’ he added.
Speaking at the ceremony, Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, Solid Minerals Development Fund (SMDF), Hajiya Fatimah Umaru Shinkafi, who described the President of the GSN, Mr. U. S. Malami as a mentor, said he has inspired the Society to take a bold step that is not predicated on profit.’
‘So, it is an honor to be at this celebration of success, I am elated and it is in realization of a lot of our dreams and hopes and conversation over the years that we have worked together, and discussed a lot of problems of the sector and how to solve them,’ the Executive Secretary added.
The Executive Secretary made reference to a point made by the book reviewer who pointed out that the publication sheds light on the connection between geosciences and business, adding that there is need to highlight the crucial aspect to the younger generation of geologists and associated geosciences practitioners.
She pointed out that the economics of geology is important in attracting young talents and brains, Shinkafi expressed confidence in the resourcefulness of ‘The Geologist’ to serve as harbinger of knowledge and values needed by the younger generation to harness the economic opportunities in the industry.
‘The population of young people in Nigeria is more than just an asset, I think it is our greatest resource,’ she said, adding that GSN’s publication, ‘The Geologist,’ comes at a time when it is needed to give guidance and align young energetic Nigerians with the economic opportunities in the country’s mining sector.
‘This kind of publication will bridge that gap, and will help to elicit interest in the sector as well as pave way for the growth and development of the sector,’ she added.
President, Geological Society of Nigeria, Mr. Uba Sa’idu Malami thanked guests and assured that the Society will sustain its efforts to realize set goals.

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