Why Cosgrove uses British Standard Steel, Ready-Mix Concrete, despite cost – CEO

CEO, Cosgrove, Mr. Umar Abdullahi
  • Says NIA’s recognition spurs Cosgrove to do more

The Chief Executive Officer, Cosgrove Investment Limited, Mr Umar Abdullahi says the organisation will continue to use British Standard Steel and Ready Mix Concrete in its construction projects in order to guarantee the best structural integrity of homes, adding that a blend of professionalism and top-quality building materials will go a long way to guarantee structural integrity of homes.

The CEO of the multiple award-winning real estate development company explained that British Standard Steel and Ready Mix Concrete are being used in the ongoing construction of a multi-billion Naira housing estate for the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Cooperative Society, NLNG-COOP, adding that the estate which is located opposite Ministers Hill, Maitama, will be another signature project of Cosgrove. According to him, “irrespective of cost, Cosgrove will continue to deliver homes which structural integrity are second to none.”

Mr Abdullahi, who was honored by the Nigeria Institute of Architects in his individual capacity for the rare genius, penchant for standards and leadership acumen that characterized his uncommonly eventful decade-long real estate development career that earned him NIA’s “Real Estate Developer of the Year 2019,” said Cosgrove will strengthen its corporate policies which earned him the awards.

At the same ceremony, the NIA also honored Cosgrove in its corporate capacity for “excellence in smart cities development in the country.”

Discussing the significance of NIA’s recognition of Mr. Umar Abdullahi and Cosgrove in their individual and corporate capacities, stakeholders agreed that a product bears the values prioritized by the producer.

Industry experts agree that Mr Umar Abdullahi, who has the good fortune of being the first construction industry CEO in Nigeria to be honored alongside his organization, deserves the merits in view of the ground-breaking strides he was able to score for the construction industry in Nigeria.

The Chairman, Archibuilt Development Services, Arc. Jimoh Faworaja said the honor was conferred in recognition of effort made by Cosgrove in the country’s building – construction sector adding that honoring deserving real estate developers is an effective way of promoting the growth of architectural, engineering and design brands in the country.

Faworaja, who is a former President of the NIA, noted that Archibuilt showcased Cosgrove for the company’s ability to “leverage on the use of innovative technology to tackle the challenges in this constantly evolving and growing building, development and construction sector, bringing global standards and practices to Nigeria.”

The Chief Executive Officer, Cosgrove Investment Limited, Mr Umar Abdullahi who was represented by the Head of Marketing, Cosgrove, Chioma Ugwu, commended the NIA for the recognition and assured that it will continue to strengthen its departments in order to sustain the lead.

The Chief Executive Officer disclosed that Cosgrove continues to invigorate its Research and Development department, a policy he said helped the company to stay abreast of innovation and inventions in housing construction, adding that it is led by a core team of accomplished professionals.

Discussing the special features of Cosgrove’s latest offering, he said: “Smart people will definitely take advantage the innovations that typify the Smart Estates currently being developed by Cosgrove,” adding that the homes will feature latest innovations in housing security technology such as the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system and high definition security cameras that are smart.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, the ability of Cosgrove to transfer the ANPR security technology to Nigeria will sustainably address security challenges in homes and commercial buildings in the country while also addressing some of the challenges associated with road use.

While assuring that Cosgrove will continue to play crucial roles in automation of both residential and commercial structures in the country through proven methods; Ugwu noted that the organization is led by a core team of globally recognized professionals who have made their marks in housing technology.

“It is part of our corporate values to deploy systems that are uncommon in our milieu, proven and ready for tomorrow’s technology,” the Chief Executive Officer added.

Discussing the pedigree of Mr Umar Abdullahi, Ugwu said: “It is no longer news that under Mr Umar Abdullahi, Cosgrove continues to achieve set goals particularly the ability of the indigenous real estate investment organisation to take the lead of developing the first fully-automated super-smart estate in the FCT. She discussed the peculiarities of Cosgrove’s latest estates, saying that the homes reflect a combination of innovation, professionalism, intellectual vitality and youth strength.

“Apart from deploying the world class Building Information Modelling (BIM) process, the latest advancements in automation are star features of the homes.’

Further commenting on Cosgrove’s penchant for structural integrity of homes, Ugwu quoted Umar Abdullahi saying: “The Company’s resolve to use British Standard Steel (BSS) and Ready-Made Concrete (RMC) irrespective of cost is to deliver the best structural integrity,” adding that “Cosgrove is the brand that has decided not to cut cost at the expense of compromising standards.”

Findings show that Mr. Umar Abdullahi who was the founding Managing Director of Brains and Hammers, earned eminence for his innovative contributions to the development of the Nigerian Housing sector, especially for the uncommon successes scored under his watch at previous top management positions in premier real estate and finance institutions prior to the establishment of Cosgrove.

Umar’s attention for details and standard is a key factor that guaranteed reputation for the company’s housing products. He said:  “To the best of my knowledge, the structural integrity of our buildings is second to none, and we are honored to build for those who understand our taste,” he said.

He further described the features of Cosgrove homes saying: “With automation, residents simply touch a button on their phones to open their doors and gates, or to turn-on the coffee-maker, or to switch on the lights, or get open/close the curtains,” adding that residents will be able to view, lock or unlock their houses via their phones from wherever they may be, even if abroad.”

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