Decision Support System, A Game-Changer for Nigeria’s Mining Sector 


The mining sector recently got a boost with the unveiling of the Nigeria Mineral Resources Decision Support System (NMRDSS) by the Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Dr. Dele Alake.

Designed as a comprehensive software that serves as a one-stop shop for investors seeking credible and decisive information about Nigeria’s mineral resources, NMRDSS is poised to empower stakeholders and prospective investors to make informed investment decisions, drive sustainable development and unlock economic opportunities in the mining sector.

It will be recalled that on his assumption of office, Dr. Alake launched a 7-point agenda that seeks to not only reform and reposition the opaque mining sector but also market its vast potentials globally. A key part of his advocacy hinged on value addition, led to the formation of the African Minerals Strategy Group (AMSG), chaired by the Minister, elected by the unanimous vote of African Ministers of Solid Minerals/Mineral Resources.

With a preponderance of globally sought after, highly priced 44 minerals, estimated to be conservatively worth over $750bn domiciled in Nigeria, the country is positioned to be Africa’s bastion of mining investments considering the Tinubu administration’s focus in making the sector the driver of economic diversification.

The NMRDSS is poised to be that go-to platform for curious but smart investors with an eye for the future to access the bouquet of opportunities that the nation’s mining industry offers.

The range of features on the platform helps users from anywhere in the world, at a click of a button navigate the nation’s diverse geological terrain, identifying promising mineral prospects amongst others.

The NMRDSS not only boasts of capacity to assist in gaining deep insights into Nigeria’s mineral wealth, it enhances interactive mapping, which visualises geological formations, mineral occurrences and infrastructure, facilitating decision making. Its customisable basemap features enable focus on data that aligns with specific objectives and preferences.

With an intuitive interface, the platform is user-friendly, enhancing access to both technical and non-technical users. Of significant benefit to a prospective miner is the ability to utilise the platform to leverage available data and visualization tools to identify promising mining areas to planning infrastructure development.

Powered by the Centre of Excellence Committee established by the Federal Government through the ministry of solid minerals development, the support system represents a major milestone primed to boost investor confidence in the mining sector and streamline efforts by stakeholders in that regard.

Investors can now take advantage of this innovation to get acquainted with on-going reforms, vast opportunities in the mining sector including a preponderance of mineral deposits scattered across the nation’s length and breadth from the comfort of their homes and offices, across the globe.

These immense possibilities and more can be accessed via the website at

Nigeria’s mining sector is open for business . Let’s explore the vast opportunities that abound.

Segun Tomori is the Special Assistant on Media to the Honourable Minister of Solid Minerals Development.

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