GSN debuts THE GEOLOGIST Magazine, to launch 20,000 volume library soon



The Geological Society of Nigeria (GSN) is set to present the maiden edition of its brand magazine, THE GEOLOGIST to the public, a development that showcases the commitment of the Society to promoting the geology profession by disseminating inspiring information needed to mentor the younger generation of geologists while also promoting research as well as proffering solution to challenges.

The ceremony is scheduled for Monday December 18, 2023 at Shehu Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja.

Co-founder and President of the Society, Mr. Uba Sa’idu Malami who made the disclosure in Abuja, on Wednesday, said the Society is also working on a book-drive that entails the establishment of a digital and print geological library which is tagged ‘Geoscience Africa,’ adding that no less than twenty thousand publication on geoscience will be made accessible to practicing geologists, students, enthusiasts and prospective geologists across the world.

Malami, who is the immediate past Chairman of the Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Development Fund (SMDF), stated: ‘The Geological Society of Nigeria is developing digital access to members of the GSN and in-house fellows that it will connect members to geological e-libraries around the world.’

Discussing some of the sources, he said the Society will collaborate with strategic partners and the library will serve as a veritable platform and reference point for reliable information on geology.

Malami described the Society’s Geoscience Africa project as the first major literary milestone that the Society will be embarking on in the first quarter of 2024, adding that the Society will also seize the opportunity with the launch of the newsletter to establish the opening for the book-drive for the geological digital and print media.

‘In 2024, we will have our flagship event, which is the National Geology Week 2024, it will be the platform for celebration of geoscience in Nigeria,’ he said, adding that the special week will be dedicated to the ever fascinating world of geology, and it will provide a unique opportunity for geoscientists, educators in geoscience and enthusiasts to come together and explore the wonders of the unique science and we will continue to host various engagements, exhibitions, workshops and educational activities throughout the geology week.

‘We will delve into the captivating realm of rocks, minerals and fossils that shape the earth in order to expand the scope of geology which has been limited to only mining and oil and gas,’ he added.

Malami explained that ‘Geology is a science that involves water and resource management and also involves geohazard such as volcanic eruption and earthquake, geotorism and others,’ adding that the week will not only promote geology and geologists, but it will also celebrate the various professionals along the geology value chain. This, he said will be the objective of the National Geology Week of the GSN. ‘We look forward to hosting all mining associations, water resource experts, economic geologists and medical geologists which are sub-sets of geology,’ he said, adding that the GSN also looks forward to the support and cooperation of all professionals in the geosciences.

‘We expect that they will support us by participating in the week,’ he added. ‘So, the week is a home to showcase all aspects of geology. Geology is a foundational science course that allows you to be an astronaut, water expert, landscape and geohazard expert among others and we also wish to give experts the opportunity to mentor younger people,’ he added.

‘Our bookdrive can get us to become the biggest geoscience resources platform in Africa,’ he said, adding that the GSN will collaborate with publishers of geology books in Africa and across the world.

‘In Nigeria, the GSN will eventually be the repository of geological information.’

‘I have the honor to inform geologists and geology enthusiasts that the Geological Society of London recently finished what is known as their Bookshop Sales. I have engaged their Secretary of External Relations, and he is facilitating concessions for the Geological Society of Nigeria on some of the hard copies they have,’ the President added.

‘We will reach out to institutions in Africa to see how they can contribute to the knowledge sharing that we will achieve through the GSN bookdrive,’ he added.

Malami said researchers, students, geology lecturers and educationists from across the world are highly encouraged to take advantage of all the information that Geoscience Africa will hold as the society launches the drive and their maiden newsletter

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