Information, Solid Minerals Ministries partner for economic growth

Two federal ministries namely, the Federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation and Solid Minerals Development will cooperate to make the solid Minerals sector actualize it’s goal of contributing significantly to the Gross domestic product of the country.

The Minister for Solid Minerals Development, Dr Oladele Alake made this known today when he received the Hon Minister of information and National Orientation, Alhaji Mohammed Idris in his Office in Abuja.

Dr Alake explained that the visit by the Hon. Minister of Information and National Orientation ( FMINO), Alhaji Mohammed Idris is most significant and fortuitous in view of its capacity to favourably project the Solid Minerals Sector of the country in the public glare for economic gains and benefits to the country.

The Minister said: ” his visit has also shed light and put Solid Minerals in public glare . It is to our advantage, and mutual advantage and benefits”.

He further affirmed this strongly, saying ” We will seek your cooperation and infact , I can say categorically, we already have your cooperation in assisting the Solid Minerals sector to meet it’s stated objective of contributing significantly to the Gross Domestic Product of NIGERIA”.

While commending Mr President for appointing a committed and focused person as the Minister for Information and National Orientation, and describing his appointment as ” a round peg in a round hole ”; Dr Alake emphasized that ” In fact our aim and vision is to make this Ministry a very very impactful contributor to the gross domestic product, because it is the next Petroleum of Nigeria, and we have to put all hands together and very confident that together under the able leadership of the President, we are going to take Nigeria back to a higher notch”.

Responding, the Hon. Minister for Information and National Orientation Alhaji Mohammed Idris, affirmed the readiness of the Federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation to cooperate with the Ministry of Solid Minerals Development towards achieving the vision of Mr President for diversifying the economy.

He foregrounded this by asserting that: ”This is the first ever visit as Information Minister I am making to any Ministry. This is the first one and I said, I won’t go anywhere without coming here. Because I want to draw participation of Nigerians to this very critical sector of our economy. It is very important that all of us recognize that, and to cooperate and also join him in pushing Mr President’s vision to this direction”.

Attesting to the dexterity focus and determination of Dr Alake as Minister for Solid Minerals Development, Alhaji Idris said he has successfully brought the Ministry to limelight and front burner of positive public perception.

”You can see that in the way he has handled the Solid Minerals Ministry. It is not a new Ministry , one of the oldest Ministries around. But not many people, when they say where is Solid Minerals Ministry, they will say where is that one.? “, the Hon Minister of Information and National Orientation stated.

Continuing, Alhaji Idris said:” But since he came here, he has managed to put the Solid Minerals sector in the front burner, to the extent that people are becoming extremely envious of this Ministry. Because of what he has done”.

Riding on these observations, the Minister further cited the advocacy visits of Dr. Alake abroad to drive foreign investors to the country, persuasively directing their attention to Nigeria as a destination point for mining.

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