Omede underscores importance of service to humanity

. . . says service to mankind makes birthdays worthwhile

. . . as Nigerians commend the former NMA president on his birthday

Former president of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr Idris Omede has called on Nigerians to be more committed to selfless service to the nation, adding that selfless service rendered to community improves the quality of life of the one who renders it, and that of the individual or group that receives it.

Omede made the point on his birthday (10th September) while responding to cheers and felicitations from dignitaries and admirers who took to various media platforms to express goodwill, love and support for the accomplished politician and medical practitioner.

According to Dr Omede who earned eminence for meritorious serving his term following his election as 25th National President of the NMA in 2010, “birthday comes once every year to each and everyone of us, whether it was recorded or assumed at time of birth, it becomes a working anniversary to commemorate the exact day that an individual is born.”

While he explained that birth date, birthday and death day are three unique periods in the life of every human being, he went further to state that “as human beings, we have no influence or control over the birthday as well as the death day,” stating that God however affords us the opportunity to make the best of everyday before death.

Omede, who is now the President of the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria said: “The first you are privy to, but told later in life. The third, you never get to know until eternity.”

This intervening period “birthday” between the first and the third is a  unique life experience period. It is an interesting period of life time, to make a difference, add value to one’s life and that of others through service and unassuming humility to the Glory of God.”

He therefore called on the public to join him in thanking God for giving him the grace to do the best he can where he found himself.

Discussing what the mood that should define birthday, he said: “For me, a birthday is a period of celebration and sober reflection of our individual and collective destiny and how we have faired,” he said adding that Nigerians should be optimistic about the future of the nation. “It can only get better, if we believe and work hard,” Omede said.

Omede who was full of praises for his parents said: “I thank God Almighty for bringing me to the world through my mother, of blessed memories,(May Allah grant her Aljanat Firdausi) and father Mallam  Omede Y. Edegbo.

I also thank my parents, siblings, relations, teachers, friends, associates, colleagues, youths, women, elders, statesmen, influencers, groups and associations under various fora for being with me in many forms and ways for a better me, a better society and the nation.

“I thank and appreciate everyone, far and near for the kind comments, goodwill wishes expressed through calls, texts, video messages, IMO calls, conference calls, whatsapp and facebook for the tremendous show of love and concern.

In line with Maslow theory, Dr. Omede expressed the desire for continuous service to society. “May we have the opportunity to serve humanity in a more encompassing and fulfilling capacity and not be swayed by obstruction in any form.

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