VIDEO: Fiery Catholic Priest, Fr. George Ehusani breaks his silence on Minimum Wage controversy

A former Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, has broken his silence on the ongoing debate on the new minimum wage in the country.

Fr. Ehusani, who is the Executive Director at Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, in a video said: ”I have been sick over the issue of the minimum wage, and I believe there is something wrong with many of our leaders.”

“How can anyone who earns N200,000, N300,000, 4000,000 not to mention people who earn millions, talk about the sustainability of N60,000 as being as convenient as a minimum wage”?

“I have heard economic experts and government officials who are taking up more than a million as salaries argue that N60,000 as the minimum wage will destroy the economy.” he said.

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