Challenging Economic Climate : Rafsanjani to Champion Nigerian Workers on International Workers’ Day Wednesday 1st MAY 2024

As the world commemorates International Workers’ Day, the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) Executive Director, Auwal Ibrahim Musa Rafsanjani, has joined the
Nigerian people in recognizing the immense contributions of Nigerian workers to our nation’s progress.

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), the Nigeria Chapter of
Transparency International, extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Nigerian workforce, the bedrock of the nation’s socio-economic progress.

On this significant day, CISLAC’s
Executive Director Auwal Musa (Rafsanjani) reiterated the organization’s unwavering
commitment to advocating for Nigerian workers’ rights and well-being.
This year’s International Workers’ Day finds Nigerian workers navigating a complex landscape.

While the official theme remains to be announced, CISLAC recognized the
ongoing struggle many Nigerian workers face in securing a living wage amidst a
challenging economic climate. The rising cost of living continues to disproportionately
impact working families, threatening their ability to meet basic needs.
However, amidst these challenges, Nigerian workers have consistently demonstrated remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. Their unwavering dedication keeps the wheels
of the nation turning, fostering growth and development across all sectors.

CISLAC applauded the ingenuity and work ethic ingrained in the Nigerian workforce. CISLAC recognizes the critical role Nigerian workers play in every facet of the nation’s
development. Nigerian workers are the driving force behind the nation’s progress, from the bustling markets to the quiet offices, from the vast farmlands to the booming construction sites.

CISLAC remained firmly committed to championing the rights of Nigerian workers and
ensuring their voices are heard. The organization actively advocates for equitable treatment in the workplace, adherence to safety regulations across all sectors, and the implementation of robust social security measures that provide a safety net for vulnerable workers.

CISLAC stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Nigerian labor movement in their pursuit of a just and equitable work environment. The organization actively supports their fight for a
minimum wage that reflects the rising cost of living and ensures their ability to support themselves and their families.

Additionally, CISLAC prioritizes improved working conditions, particularly within the informal sector, where workers often face exploitation
and a lack of basic protections.
Mr. Auwal Musa (Rafsanjani) underscores CISLAC’s unwavering dedication with these powerful words, CISLAC will continue to be a vocal champion for Nigerian workers through impactful research, strategic advocacy campaigns, and by providing legal representation for vulnerableworkers seeking justice. We believethat empowered workers are the
cornerstone of a thriving nation] . ”

Beyond pronouncements, CISLAC
urged the Nigerian government to
prioritize the following policy
recommendations to create a more
enabling environment for Nigerian

• Policy Recommendation 1: Implement a comprehensive national
social protection strategy that
provides access to healthcare,
unemployment benefits, and
pension plans for all workers, particularly those within the informal

• Policy Recommendation 2: Strengthen enforcement mechanisms
for existing labour laws to ensure
adherence to minimum wage
standards, working hour limitations,and safety regulations in
all workplaces.

• Policy Recommendation 3: Inv-
est in skills development prog-
rams that equip Nigerian wor-
kers with the necessary skills to
thrive in the ever-evolving job

• Ensure human development for
workers including training and
refresher course.

By working collaboratively – government, Civil Society organizations,
the private sector,and the labor
movement – we can create an environment where Nigerian workers
are empowered, valued, and adequately compensated for their contributions. When Nigeria Workers thrive, Nigeria thrives. Let us join hands
and build a future where decent work
and fair treatment are not just aspirations, but a lived reality for all Nigerians.

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