Nigeria: Muslims want systematic restructuring, says Islamic Rights group

An Islamic rights group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has broken its silence on the call for restructuring being made by some groups in the country, saying that “Nigerian Muslims are interested in certain aspects.”

Discussing one of the basic areas which endears MURIC’s to restructuring, President of MURIC, Prof Ishaq Akintola said: “The British eliminated all Islamic landmarks when they came with force and bombardments. They forced Nigerians to ‘accept’ the colonial system but in the end they only destroyed our Islamic heritage and supplanted it with Anglo-Christian culture. 

Despite several petitions and protests by Muslims, successive Nigerian governments have not deemed it fit to review the status quo ante to date,” he said adding that agitators should put into consideration these interests of Muslims in Nigeria. 

The professor of Islamic Eschatology who made the call via wassap group chat added: “Should we ignore this injustice? Let’s see how liberal and how open the activists and democrats on this platform can be. So let restructuring come. We are waiting.

He however said total restructuring has become utopian in nature and called on the National Assembly to review relevant sections of Nigeria’s constitution as a way of addressing the quests.

Akintola said, “Instead of insisting on restructuring, the National Assembly can be lobbied to introduce new bills aimed at reviewing the constitution in some areas.”

According to him, “overall restructuring is utopian in concept so let’s do it gradually. The NASS has already started doing that.

He called on the agitators to suggest more areas to the National Assembly saying that the suggested areas should be debated and be made public.

The public will be fully involved and the outcome will be democratic.

Nobody should push a restructuring laden with deadly landmines down our throats.

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