Why I didn’t send my account number to Davido as requested-Emmi Wuks

..Emmi Wuks stages cycling road show in Abuja

By Lubem Gena, Abuja

A brave young man from Benue state, Emmanuel Myam popularly known as Emmi Wuks has explained why he turned down the offer by afrobeat superstar, David Adeleke AKA Davido, who requested him to send his bank account details for possible financial rewards.

He explained in a exclusive interview with News Headquarters at the M.K.O. Abiola national stadium Abuja on Saturday, 25th November, 2023, that his major aim of embarking on a lone bicycle ride from Benue state to Lagos was to meet the superstar and present a gift to him.

The gift, according to Emmi Wuks, was to serve as his mark of appreciation in recognition of the spectacular outing Davido recorded as contained in his recent music album titled “Endless”.

However, while he got to Lagos after a brave bicycle journey which lasted for 15 days, Davido Tweeted that he wasn’t in town and Emmi Wuks should turn back.

While fielding questions from our correspondent, he said: “I did that to present a gift to Davido and to also prove to the people outside there that I have something I can do. Right now, I am looking to go into cycling as a career. That was just a bold step of mine just to test my ability on how to build up a career in this area.

“The news was somehow shocking to Davido. Subsequently, he Tweeted that he is not around and I should turn back. When he requested that I should send my account number, I was somehow excited but on the other hand I wasn’t. This is because all I wanted was to meet with him. His presence would have mattered a lot to me.

“Davido tweeted that I should send my account number to him. He also came to my inbox and said the same thing. But unfortunately, I didn’t drop it. I told that all I wanted was not just the money. Meeting him physically would have meant a lot to me”.

He emphasized that the mission was aimed at bringing out his hidden talent to the front burner.

“The first message that I want to send to Nigerians is that there should be consistency in everything one does. Having taken the ride all the way from Benue to Lagos for 15 days, I discovered a lot of health benefits behind riding a bicycle. That is the reason today, I am collaborating with the federal government of Nigeria under the ministry of youths and sports development towards ensuring that the Cycling Federation of Nigeria to campaign about the health benefits of riding a bicycle and also using bicycles as means of transportation”, he added.

“In the next 10 years, I am hoping to see myself at the top. Today, I am just starting it here in Abuja. And I am praying to God that He should bless me so that I will conquer the whole of Nigeria, Africa and get celebrated all over the world”, Emmi Wuks stated.

The roadshow which saw participants drawn from several parts of Nigeria took off from the M.K.O. Abiola national stadium to NNPCL towers down to Wuse market, Berger Roundabout, Wuye and back to the starting point.

In his address during an interactive session, Emmi Wuks thanked all who came out to ride and celebrate with him.

He urged them to fervently pray for him to keep conquering in the cycling space just as he did to his fears while on the line trip to Lagos.

Participants on their part expressed willingness to stand by him, urging him not to rest on his oars.

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